Copyright & Publication Process


Publisher: It refers to the institution that has the legal entity that has the publication certificate and that takes the ISBN of the book.

Editor/Editors: Refers to the person(s) who signed a contract with the publisher and who owns the copyright of the book.

Project Coordinator: It refers to the person who provides the coordination of the book, and provides the coordination between the publisher-editor-section writers and the referees.

Chapter Author(s): Refers to the authors of the chapters in the book.

*The department author and/or authors accept that the organization has transferred the copyright in advance by sending the work to any (,,, communication. If the author and/or authors have not sent the above-mentioned organization that they have given up on publishing their work and/or the publication of the book at the end of the term, the copyright becomes official. The people in the “Copyright” section of the book own the copyright. (Also, copyright transfer agreement is made with the authors.)
For the Academic Incentive File: Editor-publisher agreement, author invitation and international information letter from the publishing house are sent to the author/authors by e-mail.

In legal processes, the information on our website is valid. By sending their(author-authors who have a chapter) works to the above-mentioned e-mail addresses, the author/authors accept in advance the acceptance of the information contained in
*Our English page is valid for participants out of Turkey (Turkish and/or foreign). Our Turkish page is valid for participants (foreign and/or Turkish) from Turkey.