Acceptance Criteria of Proceedings

Index criteria are applied in the paper acceptance process (similarity-ithenticate-2 science board member process).

The acceptance/rejection of the article is informed within 20 days. The whole accepted list is added to our web page on the mentioned date.

Scientific review is done by the Preliminary Check and then with two peer reviews by scientific board members.

Preliminary Check: It can last 2-4 days. For the preliminary examination of journals and abstracts-full textbooks, ithenticate control, congress subject coverage, and formal control are done. The Congress abstract book is accepted at 5%, the congress full-text book at 20%, and the InTraders International Trade Journal at 10%.

Scientific Review Process: It takes 10-15 days. For acceptance of the paper, it is enough of at least one member of the scientific committee to report positive results.

Ithenticate and referee reports are shared with the authors and archived for index applicants.