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According to higher education systems of countries, the definition of international conference and journal changes, for example last week Turkish Council of Higher Education (TCoHE) has revised some definition of academic events. According to TCoHE to te an international conference, there should be participants from minimum five foreign conference

For international journal, there should be foreign editors or foreign scienitific board members. According to TCoHE it should have five years experiences. InTraders Academic Journal has editors from Macedonia, Romania and Pakistan. It has many foreign scientific board members.

According to us, many conferences will end up, but InTraders May academician conference had participants from 11 countries and InTraders next ; October conference has %70 foreign studies from 5 foreign countries. Intraders Conferences have international conferences’ criteria.

What is the definition of international conferences and journals in your country? What should be in your opinion?

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  1. Irina Badea says

    As far as I know, in Romania most of the conferences are claimed to be international and my thought is that they are called international because the papers’ submission is open to foreign participants. I have looked for such criteria as mentioned in the column and I have not found any.

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