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My favorite book

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It is my favorite book encourages me on leadership. When i was about 13, i met that book. At the beginning it was little boring but by the time it made me fall in love. I am over 30 and i am still dreaming and i keep in sight its fleight.

The idea is simple. you face challanges and you try to overcome them. But how and how long…

The way also simple; KISS…  You do not have to love your challanges but you may kiss them after success.

Accoding to me, KISS ( keep is simple, stupid : For a good column about it you may read ) is very helpful and simple method. Whenever i face with an issue, i try to think deeply but mostly  it does not work, but when i decide kiss method after a tiring brainstorming, i start to feel myself like Seagull Jonathan….

I love you Jonathan…

What’s your favorite book and how does it influence your ideas?leadership



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