Efficiency of Scientific Congresses on Network

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National and international congresses are organized. How much of these congresses can we contribute to our network or capture potential?

The main purpose of the congresses is not only to be able to complete postgraduate and doctoral studies. many academicians also appear as contribution to individuals in their applications to academic titles.

Can we get enough of an organization that is so important? The answer is actually very simple. In short: No! As someone who has participated in about 15 congresses and managed 4 congresses, unfortunately our answer is no.

 One of the most important reasons is that many congresses are not congresses. Think of geography, history, sports, engineering, economics and business in a congress, and your field is economics. 100 papers of the congress. It is almost impossible for you to meet someone who is related to your own field because there will be a very limited session about your field, or your writing will be in a session that is not very relevant. Unfortunately, we live this reality in some congresses.

Yes, it is very important for the participants to participate in congresses about their field in order to get the efficiency. Because you will have the opportunity to reach more people about your area, maybe you will make a start for the common articles.

The second reason is that the programs in the congresses are very congested and there is no common time for the participants, and the third important reason is the fact that the participants can not meet each other before the congress and they cannot spend enough time for each other.

Another reason is that the participants only come to their presentations in a 3-day congress and take their certificates. However, in the 3-day program, the participants of the whole program have achieved an output especially in the field congresses; networks. This network is a very important opportunity to broadcast internationally. In order to evaluate this opportunity, it is very important to participate in the whole program at the field congress.

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