2nd International Conference on Global Issues in Social Sciences, Psychology and Business Management (GISSPBM-2019), March 23-24, 2019

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Conference Theme: “Addressing Innovation Challenges from Social Sciences Perspective”


GISSF Research Wing announce the 2nd International Conference on “Global Issues in Social Sciences, Psychology and Business Management”. This forum is established to discuss the issues of multidisciplinary field collaboration with business and economics emerging trends. We invite the scholars /scientists / engineers/ researchers / practitioners / students to join with us and share the new innovative trends in their respective field. This common platform is expected to provide the bases for joint venture among different fields to serve the society in a better way.
1. Read through the track calls below and select the track which is closest to the topic of your paper. If you cannot decide that which track is suitable for your research topic, you can email the corresponding person with your title and a draft of your manuscript, for advice on gisspbm@gissf.com
2. Authors must submit papers electronically through the conference system by using online submission form or you can send it via email to gisspbm@gissf.com
3. All papers must follow the paper submission guidelines
All submitted abstracts/ papers / posters will go through a blind peer review process and accepted manuscripts will be published in conference proceedings. Conference proceeding will be submitted to ISI Thomson Reuters Web of Science for consideration and indexation.
Selected conference papers will be published in special / Scopus indexed journals associated with this conference. Associated journals will allocate a special / regular issue for papers submitted to this conference.
Invitation for Reviewers & Session Chairs in all fields
Voluntary participation as a reviewer and session chair will be acknowledged through a certificate by GISSF Wing.


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