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Boutique Logistics

A Different Application in the Logistics Sector: Boutique Logistics


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fahri ERENEL, Halit KAYA

Along with the total quality management approach, the management literature is beginning to include many new concepts. These include; process and customer-oriented
are confronted as concepts that are given priority and importance. Among the reasons why these two concepts gain importance today; if fully understood and applied in busi-
ness management, it may be possible to provide competitive advantage according to the competitors in the field of the operator, or it may contribute to the longevity of the life
of the business.

Process-oriented businesses; the developments in science and technology have to follow customer needs and the way that these needs can take place in the future and put them into practice rapidly. Customer capital, which is one of the most important elements of intelligent capital, is the hardest to reach and the hardest to hold at the same time. Considering that the most important element of the client’s capital is the information of the enterprises, working together with the customer, empowering the customer in the process of producing products and services, producing special goods and services for the customers and responding easily to market conditions by acting proactively can increase customer loyalty. As in every sector, customer orientation is an important factor in the logistics sector.

Logistics companies should focus on innovation studies and keep up with technological developments and develop customer relations can contribute positively to customer capital.In this context, the concept of “Boutique Logistics” emerges as a different application. In addition to the normal working conditions and applications between the business and the customer, a special or specific logistics activity is defined as a service that is not implemented before but applied only by the business to the customer that it serves. With Logistics, it is aimed to increase the quality of services, increase the satisfaction rates, to provide customer loyalty by providing special and boutique services besides conventional logistics services.

With this study, the first practitioners of Boutique Logistics, SüratLojistik A.Ş. managers were interviewed and their implementation methods, contribution to the operation and other dimensions were examined. As a result of the investigation; special logistics deliveries, special in-store applications, cost-cutting exercises, logistics consultancy, etc. that this method is not merely for profit, it has been determined that it provides an advantage over the opponents in terms of methods.

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