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Car Free Day

A healthy holiday destination


Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia known as the top 5 of world’s worst air quality index and it remain as an invisible health threat http://indonesiaexpat.biz/news/jakarta-remains-top-5-worlds-worst-air-quality-index/.  The biggest contributor to air pollution is transportation (around 75%). In addition to the increasing number of vehicles each year, the quality of the fuel used in Indonesia is still very bad, namely using the Euro 2 standard. Every year two-wheeled vehicles in Jakarta always increase to 12 percent, four-wheeled vehicles up 7-8 percent, all are vehicles which uses Euro 2 fuel with particles produced is 10-micron dust http://www.beritasatu.com/megalopolis/481369-kualitas-udara-di-jakarta-semakin-buruk.html. Jakarta’s level of dependence on transportation is very high.

In 2002 the government launched a Car Free Day (CFD). The CFD itself aims to socialize with the public to reduce people’s dependence on motorized vehicles. This activity is usually driven by activists engaged in the environment and transportation. In Jakarta, the first CFD was held on May 23, 2002. The activity was carried out by the Environmental NGO Coalition as a forum to accommodate the aspirations of the community in government policymaking. CFD was originally held on the last Sunday of every month in Jakarta. This activity lasted for 8 hours from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Due to many complaints from the public, on April 26, 2009, it was shortened by 2 hours. In 2011, the implementation of the CFD increased, which was twice a month. Then, on May 13, 2012, the CFD was held four times a month from 06:00 to 11:00

Car Free Day


Not only improving air quality, CFD was also considered a healthy tourist destination for the surrounding community. Every week thousands of people from various backgrounds gather along the road where CFDs are held. Not only exercise, residents can also indulge the tongue with food-street that lined up and spoil the eyes by shopping for various home industry products. Not infrequently also certain brands participate in promoting their merchandise. This encourages the economic growth of the people. Local industry players claimed to have increased turnover when selling in CFD. Not only in the city of Jakarta, CFD is now starting to be held in various other big cities in Indonesia.

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