Corporate Entrepreneurship

The global economy is creating a profound and substantial changes of organisation and industries throughout the world.these changes make it necessary for business forms to carefully examine their purpose and to develop a great deal of attention to selecting and following strategies in their pursuit of the label of of success that have a high probability of satisfying multiply stakeholders In response to rapid, discontinuous,and significant changes in their external and internal environment,many established companies have restricted their operations in fundamental and meaningful ways.


Infect after year of restructuring, some of these companies near little resemblance to their business scope, culture,
The new country is seen corporate strategy focus heavily on innovation.value emphasize on entrepreneur thinking developed during the attitude economy of 1980 and 1990. Peter Drucker , the renowned management expert,describe four major developments that explain the emergence of this economy. First that Raft evolution of knowledge and technology promoted the use of high tech entrepreneur startups. Second demographic Trends such as two wage earner families, continuing education of adults, and the aging population added fuel to the the proliferation of newly developing Ventures.hard the venture capital market become and effective funding mechanism for entrepreneur Ventures. Sports American industry begin to learn how to manage entrepreneurship.
the contemporary 1st of entrepreneurship as the major force in American business has led to a desire for this type of activity inside enterprises.

Although some researchers have concluded that entrepreneurship and bureaucracies are mutually exclusive and cannot coexist others have described entrepreneur venture within the enterprise framework. Successful corporate ventures have b in many different companies including, 3M, Bell,Atlantic,AT&T, Acordia, and Porlaroid.

Prof. Dr. Rashmi Gujrati ,
Professor Principal (KCSMCA) India
Regulatory Board member of In Traders Academic Platform
Member: ICA, IAA, AICP- India, FSSER-Malaysia AASE -Taiwan, IBIMA- Spain AGBA -USA.



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Rashmi Gujrati

Prof. Dr. Rashmi Gujrati , Professor& Principal, India, KC Group of Institutions (Commerce and Management College.) M.com, MBA, Ph.D. Specialization: Marketing, Finance & International Business, • Regulatory board Member of In Traders Academic Platform • Life member of India Commerce Association • Life member of Indian Accounting Association • Life member of Association of Indian College Principals • Member of Foundation Social Science Research FSSER Malaysia • Member of Academy for Global Business Advancement .USA • Reviewer Committee member of IBIMA Association Spain. • Scientific & Review committee, Advisory Board, Editorial research • projects of AASE as a trainer/consultant/researcher • AASE Member Chung Yaun Christiana University Taiwan.

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