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Do you have a Target?


Target could be anything o may be anyone. It could be a thing, it could be a place or it could be a desire, i think it is simply a goal which we want to get, which we want to achieve or which we want to be.

In older times target is originated as a small round shield, but we are not talking about the object. in our daily routine we all have some targets some goals without any goal no one can survive in this world.

i think if someone says i have not any target or not any goal so he is waiting for his death ( mostly heart-breaking peoples). so it is his target because he is waiting to achieve his death and as i said previously any thing for which we are waiting to aching or we struggle is our target and the goal of our life.

So, have you any Target?

  1. Kürşat Çapraz says

    thank you very much for that study. yes without target we may not achive anything. each day brings news things…

    1. Umme Sumaiya Hamid says

      Thanks for Appreciation Sir (Y)

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