Don’t stop

Once,take a deep breath while looking in the mirror, look into your eyes, and look again without averting your eyes… then, if you had a choice between stopping and continuing, definitely if it was me, say don’t stop.

Each of us experinces in a lot of good-bad, pain-joy. During a laughing, unexpected things happen to us. The sun after the torrential rain dazzles us. We may go thorugh the ups and downs at the same time. We will have, but most of the things that happen to us are situations that never cross our minds. Don’t blame myself for that. That’s why we won’t stop, that’s why even if someone will pull our energy down, we know that when we stop, we will lose, we are courageous people who can set new goals no matter what the circumstances.

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I saw many looks, some filled with love, some filled with hate wheras some are empty with dull eyes…

However, I loved that I saw the courage in eyes.

I know and believe that those who do not stop will be blessed in many ways, sometimes they will fall, sometimes they will be hopeless, sometimes they will be angry, but when they look back, they will be the ones who smile at the past.

Don’t stay calm, if you stop you will fall.

Stay o your goals, all supports with my heart with you…

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