Happy Friendship day

A person having a real friend is one of the luckiest persons on the earth if he/she has a true and sweet friend in their life. Today I got a lot of messages for a happy friendship day. The question comes in my mind that is I have a friend. Whom I send the message.

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Who is your friend? In my opinion A person with whom you can talk and say everything, your happiness and sorrow. If you have any good news you are in a hurry and anxiety to share your happiness with him/her. If you have any problem only one name should come in your mind of your friends’ name with whom you can discuss with him /her. Long debate with each other on hot topics. If you are alone you need him or her.


Having a true friend is one of the most precious gifts one can ever have in their life. Real friends give us any sweet and pleasurable memories to rejoice for. None of us will ever want to lose true friends as that’s where we find our self-most comfortable. A friend is somebody who will without inflating will keep appreciating you to help you keep going with a positive frame of mind. The will keep on thriving forever for all those years you will be there on the earth. Keeping the same balance between two people in friendship is not an easy task and you need to be transparently honest to be able to maintain the balance.

No matter, how far two of your friends reliving from each other, there ought to be a bond connecting them. Friendship does not need any formalities and the need to feel bad about anything that happens that can be a difficult situation otherwise. We human beings are social animals and we need somebody faithful to share and care for and therefore we need a true relationship which has a hint of true friendship. It is one such pure relationship that helps us in developing a sense of friendship independence and feels being protected from the pains and storms of life. Friends, with their lovable demeanor, help us in trusting ourselves proudly with the trust they give in the relationship.

If you have a friendly message to your friend.

Prof. Dr. Rashmi Gujrati, 
Professor Principal (KCSMCA) 
Regulatory Board member of In Traders Academic Platform 
Member ICA, IAA, AICP- India FSSER-Malaysia AASE -Taiwan, IBIMA- Spain AGBA -USA,



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Rashmi Gujrati

Prof. Dr. Rashmi Gujrati , Professor& Principal, India, KC Group of Institutions (Commerce and Management College.) M.com, MBA, Ph.D. Specialization: Marketing, Finance & International Business, • Regulatory board Member of In Traders Academic Platform • Life member of India Commerce Association • Life member of Indian Accounting Association • Life member of Association of Indian College Principals • Member of Foundation Social Science Research FSSER Malaysia • Member of Academy for Global Business Advancement .USA • Reviewer Committee member of IBIMA Association Spain. • Scientific & Review committee, Advisory Board, Editorial research • projects of AASE as a trainer/consultant/researcher • AASE Member Chung Yaun Christiana University Taiwan.

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