Ideal Point Estimation of Turkish MPs on International Agreements’ Approval Voting in the 26th Legislative Period

Turkish Grand National Assembly, which constituted the Republic of Turkiye, has contributed to democracy since 1923. In this study, international agreements, which the Grand Assembly
approved during the 26th legislative period, are discussed with the analysis of ideal points. The most important feature of this period, although in 2016 there was a military coup attempt
against the elected government, it is worth of note that the parliament continued its functionality. In the period mentioned, the four parties have taken part in the parliament, including the ruling AK Party and three opposition parties. While the majority of the governing party’s MPs in the parliament have demonstrated a moderate and more liberal attitude, the main opposition party and the MHP seem to be moderate but more conservative. At the same time, the HDP creates a very sectarian and radical opposition in voting. In this period, the power and discipline of the ruling party should not be disregarded.
Keywords: ideal point; political parties; parliament; party
behavior; conservatism; Turkiye

Full text:

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