Profession -In the light of comprehensive human goal

Any profession is a channel for participation by human beings in the larger order in pursuance of comprehensive human goal.in the process one is able to contribute towards the livelihood of one’s family and also participate in the larger order constituting the society and the nature around.all these activities do require a certain degree of skill and are expected to be perform in consonance with the comprehensive human goal. Then only e these will be conducive to the society welfare of the individual as well as the society.the excellence or the success of any professional activity is to be judged from this company and save point of view only and not in terms of just wealth generation.accordingly the profession is not only a mean of caring ones livelihood, but a mean of ones evaluation by appropriate participation in the large order. It is an important activity to authenticate one’s understanding, nearby we interact with other human beings and with rest of nature in a mutually fulfilling manner.


Profession is a service.

This profession is a service. having understood the above notion of profession, letters for awhile to investigate how we are presently looking at the profession. What is in our mind when we try to to the professional career? What do we consider as a good profession?what is the general view of the parent in regard to an appropriate profession for their children? In what way do the people in society give value to various professions? This is very important for us to find out.the general perception in which the professions are presently looked at,is in terms of being able to earn more and more money, getting more power, getting more parks or comforts etc.

Isn’t it? Verify this yourself.

Such a view which is widely prevailing inherently comes in conflict with the expectations of professional ethics to ensure the sustained welfare of all.these aspects will be discussed subsequently when we will have a look at the current scenario in detail. Here it may suffice to some of that the real we to ensure ethical conduct of profession is to have a correct understanding of profession,correct understanding of happiness and prosperity and then to develop the competence to fulfill his notion.the whole purpose of value education is to enable the development of this understanding and competence which is essential to ensure professional ethics.

Prof. Dr. Rashmi Gujrati, 
Professor Principal (KCSMCA) 
Regulatory Board member of In Traders Academic Platform 


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Rashmi Gujrati

Prof. Dr. Rashmi Gujrati , Professor& Principal, India, KC Group of Institutions (Commerce and Management College.) M.com, MBA, Ph.D. Specialization: Marketing, Finance & International Business, • Regulatory board Member of In Traders Academic Platform • Life member of India Commerce Association • Life member of Indian Accounting Association • Life member of Association of Indian College Principals • Member of Foundation Social Science Research FSSER Malaysia • Member of Academy for Global Business Advancement .USA • Reviewer Committee member of IBIMA Association Spain. • Scientific & Review committee, Advisory Board, Editorial research • projects of AASE as a trainer/consultant/researcher • AASE Member Chung Yaun Christiana University Taiwan.

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