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Sindhi Culture Day

Celebration at Pakistan


Pakistan is a country in South Asia it is officially called as Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is most populated country and is ranked 6th in the world. It is also enrich in culture and traditions. Sindh is the Second largest province of Pakistan with respect to economy. It has two seaports and has huge segment of industrial sectors and their head quarters. 

Sindh culture in heavily dominated for Sufism, there are many important Sufi’s shrines located in Sindh also. Sindhi craft work including lovely and artistic geometrical and floral designs that decorate with different colors stones, metals, wood, clay and fabrics.

Sindh has Prestige for their ajraks, poetry, carpets and blankets. Sindhi People celebrate the culture day on 6th December every year by wearing Sindhi Topi and Ajrak Chadar.


Peoples who belongs from Sindh they prefer to give their traditional objects as a gift to different national peoples. These are beautiful.

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