What’s the secret of success?

This is a hot topic that has produced a lot of discussions, a huge amount of discussion, thinking and research have been dedicated to the topic, and we still did not find to understand why one person can be successful than someone else.

Here are the few tips which can make you success:

1. Being Humble:

“God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.”

“It’s hard to be humble,” “when you’re perfect in every way.”, few people actually think they’re perfect in every way. But it can still be pretty hard to be humble, specifically if you live in a society that inspires competition and individuality. Yet even in such a culture, humility remains an important quality. Learning to be humble is of supreme importance in most spiritual traditions, and humbleness can help you develop more fully and enjoy richer relationships with others, as well as create opportunities and earn you respect. Humble means “modest; without an excess of pride.” A person who brags about being humble may have too much pride in being humble to actually be humble.


2. Nonstop working;

If I say nonstop working mean not do work continuously it means 

“The key to success is not working hard. It’s working smart.”

•          Stop working overtime and increase your productivity instead. …

•          Don’t say “yes” too often. …

•          Stop doing everything yourself and start letting people help you. …

•          Stop being a purist. …

•          Stop doing boring tasks and start mechanizing.

3. Hone your Skill

Honing one’s skills simply means developing one’s abilities and skills. For e.g., if a person has the potential to become a good singer, him honing his skills would mean taking lessons to improve his singing skills.

Skills are boring. Sports are fun! But what we’re all missing in our pursuit of the perfect lift/perfect ride/perfect run is that skills are what pay the bills.

 You may have to learn how to use skills you developed for the industry in another, and seek out ways to learn new skills, too. “Everyone needs to have critical thinking skills, decision-making skills, creativity, and innovation skills, “Companies need professionals that are entrepreneurial and can lead change regardless of title.” need to reinvent themselves constantly,”


4. Sharing Knowledge

Sharing knowledge can also lead to a less competitive, friendlier company environment. When you share your knowledge with your colleagues,   you will get more idea from others because every person has their expertise and sharing knowledge with each other gives you an innovative idea.  knowledge management is fundamentally about making the right knowledge or the right knowledge sources available to the right people at the right time. Knowledge sharing is therefore perhaps the single most important aspect in this process, Knowledge sharing depends on the habit and willingness of the knowledge worker to seek out and/or be receptive to these knowledge sources. The right culture, incentives, and so on must, therefore, be present.

5. Competition with yourself

Increasingly, successful professionals are practical about beating their own strengths and weaknesses. Figure out what is challenging for you and what makes you happy and then find out resources and opportunities to take care of yourself. Old-style routine evaluations are decaying and as a result, it’s the individual’s responsibility to manage their own career and performance. In order to do this well, you need to know yourself first.

Further, than that, the limits of success are actually pretty broad. You can be successful as an extrovert, or as an introvert. You can be successful if you believe in yourself and you can be successful if you are ridden with self-doubt. We hear a lot today we have heard about the importance of empathy and emotional intelligence, but the reality is that if you’re good sufficient at what you do, you can still be very successful in the eyes of the world while being empty of almost all people skills. So, it looks to me that there is no real secret to success – well not one that anyone else can copy, at least. Every individual has the potential to be both successful and unsuccessful, depending on the unique choices that they make.

Op.Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu

EstetikCerrah/Aesthetic Surgeon




Email :  huseyin@kandulu.com


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Rashmi Gujrati

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