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Freedom of Movement of Goods

Freedom of Movement of Goods in EU Internal Market with Special Reference on the Goods from Third Countries

Asoc. Prof. Dr Biljana CHAVKOSKA
Asst. Prof. Dr. Natalija SHIKOVA
Asst. Prof. Dr. Nikola DACEV
International Balkan University,Faculty of Law, Skopje, Macedonia


This article aims to analyze the benefits of founding the European Union Internal Market. The authors will argue that the EU Internal Market improved the EU economy in total, raising the GDP of the Union, increased the employment and job opportunities. The authors will give overview of the major freedoms of the EU Internal Market with special emphasis of the freedom of movement of goods and services.

The European Union Directives and Regulations replaced a large number of complex and different national laws with a single framework, ensuring compliance for the business and smoothly functioning of the trade. This encompasses creating of the EU Custom Union.

In the article the special reference will be given to the aspects of the freedom of movement of goods and services between EU Member States and the third countries. For that purpose EU rules and regulations towards goods coming from Republic Macedonia and Republic of Turkey, as EU candidate countries, will be analyzed in order to detect the possible obstacles of the movement of goods between EU and third countries such as, taxation issues, mutual assistance between control authorities, exchange of information, applicable law in a case of dispute etc.

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I. InTraders International Conference on International Trade, 10-12 May 2018, Conference Book

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Publish Date/Place: November 2018, İstanbul

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