Publication Opportunities

1-Selected articles will be published in;

InTraders International Trade Academic Journal

South Asian Journal of Management Sciences

Journal of Education & Social Sciences

Journal of Management Sciences

Journal of Finance and Economics Research

University of Craiova Management Marketing

2-“Book Chapter” will be published in the Congress. It will be published as an e-book by “HİPERYAYIN” which meets the criteria of an associate professorship. (Free of charge for congress participants.). 

  • The fee for the publication of the study of the authors who are not participants of The InTraders Conferences, in the international book as the Book Chapter is 50 Euro.
  • Deadline for submission of Book Chapter; 20 October 2022.
  • The book chapter may in English and Turkish. After all InTraders Conferences, international books are planned to be published.
  • It is planned to include at least 10 studies in the international book. The secretariat, the scientific committee, and the international editorial board will take place during the book publishing process.
  • The scope of the subject is “international trade, economics, business, supply chain management, labour economics, finance and political sciences”. The chapters in the book should be prepared as case studies.

3-The Conference Abstract and Full-text books will be published. All abstracts and full textbooks of our past congresses have been published and our past congresses have met the international congress criteria of the Turkish Higher Education Council.

*Updates and changes are all reserved.