Models of Communication


The transmission of any meaningful message is communication. It is as natural a phenomenon as existence itself. Whether we recognize it or not, we have no option but to communicate.

Models of communication:

The mathematicians Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver structured this model on the basis of the following elements:

An information source, which produces a message.
A transmitter, which encodes the message into signals
A channel, for which signals are adapted for transmission
A receiver, which reconstructs the encoded message from a sequence of received signals and decodes it.
An information destination, where the message arrives.

Communication can be seen as processes of information transmission governed by three levels of semiotic rules:

  1. Syntactic
  2. Pragmatic
  3. Semantic

Types of Communication Model:

  1. Linear Model of Communication:

Linear model of communication is a simple one way communication model. The message flows in a straight line from sender to the receiver. There is no concept of feedback.

2.Transactional Model of Communication:

In transactional model, senders and receivers both are known as communicators and both play equally important role in communication.
Non-verbal feedback like gestures, body language, is also considered as feedback in this model.

  1. Interactive Model of Communication:

Interactive model or convergence model is similar to transactional model as they are both two way communication model. But, interactive model is mostly used for new media like internet.

  1. Westley and MacLean’s Conceptual Model:

Westley and MacLean’s model explains the difference between interpersonal and mass communication as feedback. Feedback can be direct in interpersonal communication whereas indirect in mass communication.

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