Writing :

Introduction: Effective written communication is essential for business proposals, customer documentation, status reports, technical support as well as replying to the emails. effective communication requires good writing skills but if the business documents are inappropriately they can result in terrible consequences.

Purpose: The main purpose of writing is to provide some information regarding some topics or ideas. The writer aims to try and amend the thoughts of The Reader and make it similar to that of their thoughts.

Principals of writing:

  1. Priority to the readers: the writer must give priority to their readers. It will help the writer to use proper language, correct tone, and suitable content in their matters.Readers only preferred the matter which is easily understandable and provides only important information.
    2.keep to the point: the writer must have very clear about the purpose of writing the letter. He has to prepare a list of topics. write the Arguments and Facts, examples, evidence, under each of the listed topics.
  2. Effective language: A business letter should always be in applied yet effective language.
  3. Strong opening: The first paragraph should discuss the subject of the letter. Other matters are discussed in another paragraph.

Importance of writing :

  1. Writers’ way of expression is must be clear, to the point, precise communication is considered as an important quality of the person.
  2. Effective communication directly affects the promotion prospects, so they can achieve a higher position.
  3. Some professions such as journalism, paralegal, public relations, writing, editing, etc require effective writing skills mandatory.
  4. A good writer who has flawless writing skills are generally interpreted as more competent than the former ones.

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