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InTraders Academic Platform, trademark registered in 2017, International Trade Congress is a non-profit academic organization aiming to contribute to the international congress of education and social sciences with the titles of October Conferences, Winter Conferences, May Conferences, Academic Journal(Founded:2018), Book Chapter.

*Publishes Turkish and English International Books. The book Chapter fee is 50 euros.

We do not collect book chapters on behalf of publishers.  Editor/s collects book chapters on its behalf and contracts to be published by any publishing house.

1- Why Pakistan, Publishing House: Gazi Yayınevi

(Pakistan’s social, economic and political studies)

2- Pre and Post Romania: EU, Publishing House: Gazi Yayınevi

(The studies to compare the Romanian social, economical and political issues pre and post era of EU)

3- The Structure of N. Macedonia in Balkans, Publishing House: Gazi Yayınevi

(The current social, economic and politic issues of N. Macedonia)

You may be our editors:

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*Organization is a social responsibility organization formed by non-profit volunteers with a sense of social responsibility.

*We do not collect book chapters on behalf of publishers. . Editor/editors collects book chapters on its behalf and makes a contract (the contract is between the editor and the publisher in accordance with the copyright law) to be published by the publishing house of its choice.

*The fee on English Page is valid for researchers from outside of Türkiye.

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