*We publish Turkish and English International Books. Book Chapter fee is 50 euro.

It will be published as an e-book by “NOBEL-GAZİ-HİPERYAYIN” which meets the criteria of an associate professorship. 

  • The fee for the publication of the study of the authors who are not participants of The InTraders Conferences, in the international book as the Book Chapter is 50 Euro.
  • For submission of Book, whenever your study is ready, you may send, we always have book projects.
  • The book chapter is in English or Turkish. After all InTraders Conferences, international books are planned to be published.
  • It is planned to include at least 7 studies in the international book. The secretariat, the scientific committee, and the international editorial board will take place during the book publishing process.
  •  The chapters in the book should better to be prepared as case studies.

You can contact intradersorg@gmail.com for cooperation.

*Organization is a social responsibility organization formed by non-profit volunteers with a sense of social responsibility.We do not collect book chapters on behalf of publishers. . The editor/editors collects book chapters on its behalf and makes a contract (the contract is between the editor and the publisher in accordance with the copyright law) to be published by the publishing house of its choice.

*Fee is valid for researchers from out of Türkiye.

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