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Be Our InTraders’ Blogger for Free of Registration to InTraders’ Conferences


We would like to invite you to our web page as a column writer. You can write on our economy blog page and share your knowledge with the whole of the world. Our page focuses on knowledge sharing in scientific matters, you can find many articles under management, economics, international trade, foreign market research, supply chain management, and other categories.

Our authors are provided with discounts for attending our congresses. The discount mentioned in the following table.

100 % Discounted, Free of charge Registration: Yearly minimum of 50 columns.

50 % Discounted Registration: Yearly minimum of 30 columns.

40 % Discounted Registration: Yearly minimum of 25 columns.

25 % Discounted Registration: Yearly minimum of 15 columns.

*Columns should be original and unpublished before, just in case (copyright issues), we check columns by the plagmarism program.

*A maximum of 2 blogs can be published weekly.

*Blogger should have at least facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin. 

*Blogger should share his/her blogs on at least facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedin. 

*Blogger should use these tags; intraders, intradersconference, intradersjournal, intradersmarket, intradersnews 

*Blogs written in the last 365 days are valid.

For further info do not hesitate to contact with us

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InTraders Academic Platform aims to provide contribution international trade field by our International Spring Conferences, International Autumn Conferences, Academic Journal, All Conference Alerts, and International Market Research. For your announcement request:

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