Consumer Perception

What’s the consumer’s impression, awareness, about the company called customer perception. Customer perception is what customers think about the company.
‎The perception directly impacts the attraction of new customers, and it also helps to maintain good relations with current customers. It may be negative or positive, according to the customer’s personal experience customer perception is typically affected by social media, personal experiences, reviews, or advertising and other various channels.
‎like Salman khan doing the advertisement of Fizz, then the sale of fizz increased people thought Salman Khan is celebrity and he do’s fizz add, it may be surely special drink. All peoples follow Salman khan product without even check out the product themselves. Because they think he does alway great work. It’s the positive perception of the customers.
‎Next, we are going to discuss the negative perceptions. Like I went any ABC picnic spot. It’s was not a good experience for me. One day my friend tells me she is going to the ABC picnic spot, then I will say don’t waste your time to go this picnic go anywhere else. Because my experience of this place was not good. Then she will change her plan . It’s called negative perception.

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