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The truth about decision making that goes be like as human beings are defines by skeleton, cells, tissues and organs just like Dr. Philips J. Curie told about dinosaur but the people are define by the decision you have made or the decisions that you have not make.

Metaphors are the picture ‘A Bigger Picture‘ that hidden many objects or ideas to capture the mind of people.

I like this picture! You know why?

Because this picture tells us the kind of sense that comes with a decision-making.

We don’t see the bigger picture either!

Let we discuss something different;

What are the things we do not see when we discuss about decision making that is really important i.e. our values. Our values are largely hidden from us when we are making decisions or choices that impact us and impact others that are around us.

In many ways, you can think about decision-making. Decision making as mirror, the mirror that flex your values to other people.  That is one way you look together when you make choices you don’t think about your values but there are the implied values that you are flat out to the world around you.

Another way, you can think about decision making as I think decision making is a lens that takes your values than sharpen them and brings them in a focus,  that make truth lies in a choices that you made.

I think decision making is not gifted , it is one of the hardest choice!! 
What do you think???

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  1. Vitriyanti Sukarno Karyo says

    Very intereting topic.

    1. Umme Sumaiya Hamid says

      Thank you ?

  2. Kürşat ÇAPRAZ says

    it is really a good topic. thank you for it. deciding a thing means giving up an alternative, so if the alternative was better…

    1. Umme Sumaiya Hamid says


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