Leadership v/s Management

Manager ship and leadership
Generally, manager ship and leadership are considered synonyms. But such thinking is quite wrong
A manager is a person who performs managerial activities.on the other hand a leader is a person who fulfills the expectations and aspiration of his followers. It is because of fulfilling the aspiration and experience of his followers that a leader is expected to have more influence on his follower’s followers.

It is also important for the manager in order to be successful to have the subordinates under his influence. A manager can do so only when along with being a manager he can perform the role of a leader, This is possible only when he transforms his subordinates into his followers. The subordinates will be followers only when their expectations and aspirations are given importance. Therefore if a manager has the ability of leadership, his subordinates will come under his influence and do as he wishes them to do. This can be explained like this.
Manager + leadership ability e is equal to success.
Therefore it can be said that it is important for a manager to be a leader.
On the other hand, It is not important for a leader to play the role of a manager. Nobody becomes the leader of his own but he becomes a little because some people want to follow him. Alida satisfies the people in this very role. It is not important for him to perform any managerial functions.in conclusion, it can be said that all managers are a leader but all leaders are not a manager.

Prof.Dr.Rashmi Gujrati Principal KCSMCA Nawanshahr India

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Rashmi Gujrati

Prof. Dr. Rashmi Gujrati , Professor, Institute: Management College. India Qualification: M.com, MBA, Ph.D. Specialization: Marketing, Finance & International Business Regulatory board Member of InTraders Academic Platform • Life member of India Commerce Association • Life member of Indian Accounting Association • Life member of Association of Indian College Principals • Member of Foundation Social Science Research FSSER Malaysia Reviewer Committee member of IBIMA Association Spain. • Scientific & Review committee, Advisory Board, Editorial research projects of AASE as a trainer/consultant/researcher AASE Member Chung Yaun Christiana University Taiwan.

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