Racism is the worst disease.

Yes, we all belong to a race, religion or atheism. We did not determine our race or religion ourselves. Unfortunately, millions of people have died and still die for the race and religion that we have not set. It is very difficult or even impossible to understand this. Because we have to be like those sick souls to understand. And there is no need for this.

A race will always be, even if it is not the religion of the willing and his own preference.

It is likely that we use drugs invented by a religious person and people of the race we call an enemy. It is also possible that we read their books and consume the products and services they produce. Then what is the problem. the problem is a disease, racism. Our children should not be professional patients, in other words, racist.

Let us know that it respects other cultures, races and those who are not from us. Let’s not be sick-spirited racists, because racism is the worst enemy that prevents serving human beings.

Stay with love, stay at home.


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