Why Open Access E-Publishing

First of all, open access plays a vital role in terms of reaching to many locations of information. When researchers search for any information, they will be able to reach results faster with open access sources. It will accelerates the development of societies, especially with open access to scientific data.

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We can consider of e-publishing as a social responsibility. we know and we notice that many printed materials become garbage before they find enough readers. The physical prints of the studies carried out with the aims of academic encouragement, associate professorship etc. are almost never sold. When we keep in mind about these and similar situations, it will be revealed how unscrupulous we are towards nature. it is almost impossible for a physical press to reach from one end of the world to the other for technical and physical reasons.

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E-publishing has become inevitable today, especially for the distribution of information and its avalanche growth.

Let’s not forget that while our books that we will put on our table for egomosis are useless other than showing off, we witness the silent cry against nature that I am unscrupulous and ruthless. let’s let no one see our book at our table, but at the other end of the world, let that information work with e-publishing.

Let’s let go of our old habits and adapt to the digital age.
Open access and e-publishing should become commonplace anymore.


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