Do you fall in: Timișoara

Timișoara is just a city that you could wish.. I do not think so…

I came to Timi from Turkey. there are many ways to come to Timi, I decided to join the beauty of timi by bus from Severin. As I know there are trains from craiova and bucharest to there. domestic lines cheaper when you buy your tickets much earlier.

I love river, greean at nature, so it was green and has a river divides the city two parts. Many parks to rest wait you. When we compare the whole year cl’mate, I think it is better to come in May and June.

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Alongside the river, there are many cafes. Especialy old buildings are still under use and whenever you trun your head history fills in. As I guess here is not destroyed under world wars.

The sweet thing is you do not bore during the walks through parks and alonside the river.

Ah, of course i fall in Timi, wish in future to come back this lovely city.

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