Publication Opportunities

Abstract Deadline: 15 April 2023 (Submissions accepted after the abstract deadline will be evaluated based on the late registration fee.)

The conference has written and presentation Language: English, Romanian, Turkish.


Abstracts should be submitted in a word document and written in Times New Roman 12pt single-spaced, justified on the page with all standard page margins as a word file.

The abstract should have 250-300 words. Authors’ titles, name-surname(s), and universities should be indicated on top of the study under the title of the study. At the end of the abstract, writers should mention the phone with country codes and mail. JEL codes and keywords should be written in the abstract.

The abstract should include a brief topic explanation, aim, methodology, and, if available, findings and conclusion parts. The aim of the study should be indicated at least within 2-to 3 sentences.  

Topics of studies are expected to be related to InTraders Topics. All abstracts will be checked by Plagiarism Ithenticate Program and peer-reviewed by Scientific Board Members.

Point scoring system of abstract based on including conference topics, originality, literary language, analysis method, findings, results, and discussion.

Prepare your abstract according to abstract rules and send it until 15 April 2023 to intradersmay@gmail.com.

As stated on our English Page is valid for researchers from out of Turkey.